All-In-One Employee Time Clock

Eliminate Time Theft and Reduce Labor Costs

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4 Benefits You'll Gain From Us

Employee Time Clock Application. Reinvented.

labor costs
Reduce Labor Costs

With all that happens in your business, violating labor laws is an issue you want to avoid.

eliminate time
Eliminate Time Theft

The Plum Clock eliminates the common issue of “buddy punching”.

simplify employee
Manage Attendance Effortlessly

Find every information you need on employee time and attendance in one place and access it at any time.

stay payroll
Payroll & Labor Laws Compliance

Monitor employee time clocking and record changes with audit trail to comply with payroll and labor laws.

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Get Plum Clock For Your Business

The Plum Time Clock is designed to keep your organization compliant with labor laws and simplify time and attendance management. With the facial recognition feature, you never have to worry about buddy punching driving up your labor costs!

The mobile app you'll love!

  • View employee punches in real-time.
  • Get the best available shift replacement.
  • Avoid labor law breaches with alerts.
  • Access and monitor employee time punches from any location.

This employee time and attendance management software has been amazing! It's helped me keep track of my employees' hours and attendance, and it's been a huge help in managing my business. Plum Clock software is definitely worth the investment.

kate t
Kate T.
HR Manager
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Simplify your time and attendance management

A solution to labor law violations
Prevent unauthorized clock in/clock out
Maintain an audit trail of all employee punches and edits
Automate reminders for employee breaks and clock out
Easily manage time punches and payroll
Manage employees from a mobile device

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