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Manage employee time and attendance in the palm of your hand.

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Avoid Labor Law Breaches With Alerts

Give yourself peace of mind with timely alerts and notifications on labor law changes. Stay compliant with any regulatory updates and avoid fines.

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Get The Best Available Shift Replacement

Stay aware of missed shifts and find potential replacements to fill them with ease. Gain visibility into staff availability and improve your guest service.

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View Employee Punches In Real Time

Track employee hours in real time, prevent unnecessary overtime and ensure compliance with labor law guidelines all from your mobile device at any time you need.

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“The Plum Clock system has helped our company keep track of employee time and attendance with minimal effort. We've reduced time theft and have a better handle on our labor costs. The Plum Clock mobile app is very user-friendly and has made a big difference in our business.”
Jason Westley -
Small Business Owner

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