Track and Record Employee Hours With Greater Accuracy

Eliminate time theft & reduce your labor costs.

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Facial Recognition Employee Time Clock Software

Stay updated on clock-in/out and employee status in real time.

Ensure labor law compliance

Be proactive and ensure employees comply with labor law guidelines. Set automatic reminders for breaks or clock outs when an employee approaches overtime violation limit.

Find the right shift replacement

Check staff availability and find shift replacements quickly. Keep your business running while avoiding any unnecessary shift clashes.


Close Open Punches and Finalize Payroll

Allow your managers or employees to edit and approve punches with ease. Identify punch time violations before finalizing payroll and avoid potential lawsuits.

Maintain audit trail of punches and edits

Track all employee time punch and any edits to it. Stay informed on when punches are edited and access the history of all applied changes anytime you need.

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Review employee punches with performance reports

Analyze performance reports to review employee punches and prevent schedule violations. Gain visibility and observe employee performances over a selected time period.

Compare actual work hours to scheduled hours

Use performance reporting tools to compare actual work hours and labor costs against scheduled hours and costs. Eliminate time theft and control labor costs.

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I'm thoroughly impressed with Plum Clock's features and interface. The best part is that it's easy for both my staff and management team to use. Love the emojis!

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Lorraine Shaw
Operations Manager

Plum Clock

Manage employee time and attendance in the palm of your hand

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View real-time employee time punches

Track employee hours in real time, prevent unnecessary overtime and ensure compliance with labor law guidelines all from your mobile device at any time you need.

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Get The Best Available Shift Replacement

Stay aware of missed shifts and find potential replacements to fill them with ease. Gain visibility into staff availability and improve your guest service.

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Avoid labor law breaches with alerts

Give yourself peace of mind with timely alerts and notifications on labor law changes. Stay compliant with any regulatory updates and avoid fines.

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